James McPhail – Chartered Surveyor

James McPhail – MRICS Chartered Surveyor

Buying and dealing with property is not always easy, especially because, for most people, it is the largest, single investment, which makes it an extremely important purchase. In fact, it is often a life-changing decision that requires the buyer to take a lot into considerations to prevent them from throwing their hard earned money down the drain.

For one, you need to know the different problems or pitfalls that are likely to happen which can be expensive to remedy before making the purchase.

Fortunately, with the help of James McPhail, an MRICS chartered surveyor in London, your decision-making process can be made easier and based on his expert advice.

Who is James McPhail?

I am a well-established MRICS chartered surveyor. I am very passionate about all things design and architecture. I offer a wide range of integrated professional services in the building and construction industry.

Being a chartered surveyor London, I spend a good portion of my time in all kinds of building works. I have specialised in building a survey, specification of building works, residential and commercial property valuation and architectural design.

I started my career back in the late 70s working on a building site. From there, I built my way up through a series of night-school courses to become a highly-respected surveyor.

Before I became a chartered Surveyor, I had worked for other companies, which helped me gain a rich background of experience and qualified specialist knowledge in the design and supervising a lot of projects from homes to multi-location installation. I eventually took the plunge and formed James McPhail Consultancy, now based in Kensington, London.

Other than the MRICS, I also took a university course in Business and Management, which has helped me greatly in leading small teams. With this degree, I have been able to perfect my skills to the point of running and managing large groups of 250 people across the British Isles and the European Union with ease.

What I can do for you

In case you need to purchase a property that requires a considerable amount of work or one where you need to make a significant adjustment before it is up and running, this is where James McPhail can help.

Buying a property can quickly become your worst nightmare if you do not take the time to analyse the property with the help of certified professionals carefully. I will provide you with a detailed RICS building survey that will not only help you buy with confidence but also help you realise your dream.

I will give you a detailed RICS building survey report, which provides a point by point appraisal of the structure and the developmental techniques used and part of the building. This report will also give you the accurate assessment and specialised guidance to enable you to reach an informed decision as to whether the property is worth buying and investing in.

The RICS building survey is a standard configuration that was created by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. The report methodically covers the critical components of the building, outlining any issues. It includes full details of all the visible elements of the property, defects, items of disrepair and information regarding the method of construction with advice on key future repairs.

The RICS report comprises of a valuation and reinstatement cost for insurance purposes and features any potential lawful issues that you may need your specialist to examine.

The RICS building survey will help you to identify any genuine deformities or issues with the property and give you a specialized exhortation on how these issues can be settled. Most importantly, this report exhorts on any future support issues with the goal that you can prepare.

All RICS building reports from James McPhail are tailored to the client’s needs.

Why choose me?

With more than 18 years’ experience in the architectural and property surveying industry throughout the UK, I boast of a vast wealth of experience and thorough understanding of the industry. Over the years, I have provided knowledgeable service to my clients and learned to create informative and user-friendly reports without the unnecessary use of jargon.

In my day to day professional practice, I design, specify, value, measure and certify construction works to a wide range of building designs, including residential, commercial and institutional buildings. I have been able to build a business that is based on strong principles of customer service, which has allowed me to garner and maintain a prestigious client base.

I manage the business, James McPhail Consultancy, with integrity and honesty to withhold the high ethical and professional standards expected of AMRIC chartered surveyors.

All my clients get personalized service and the very best independent advice that is not influenced by banks, estate agents or building societies. As your Chartered Surveyor, I aim to meet all your surveying needs by providing only the highest quality services and ensuring you get all the right level of information you need.

I strive to offer more than a survey for my clients. I provide safe and sound assurance at a time when they are making one of the biggest decisions on the property buying journey.

I will advise and put forward innovative idea and technology to benefit your project in more than one way. My approach to each project is to look for the best use of resources from every site, have a clear understanding of the project and budget and through a proficient methodical work course, deliver an effective and valued solution.

The comprehensive range of services offered by James McPhail

• Design consultation
• Commercial and residential building surveys
• Inspection services
• Structural engineering
• Refurbishment
• Party Wall matters
• Homebuyer reports
• Commercial and residential valuations
• Loft conversions
• Household extensions and alterations
• New building dwellings

All my services are specifically tailored to the client’s individual needs.

With my 18 years’ experience in this industry, I can offer you surveying and architectural advice and practical solutions to all your property issues.

Contact me today to make any enquiries you may have about my services. You can also send in your points of interest to get a statement and a nitty-gritty portrayal of what will be incorporated into your last condition report.