Five of the Most Amazing Wedding Destinations for 2019

Here is the next in the series “James McPhail Writes…” where I try to incorporate my love of buildings and architecture with something that you might actually find useful. This time we’re looking at some of the stunning destination wedding locations on offer to couples who want to do something a little bit different.

If you are planning to exchange vows with your loved one on either a tropical beach or on a city that happens to be a hub of surrealism and modernist, you may be curious as to which wedding destination is the best. The best wedding destinations in the world vary depending on taste. There are those couples who prefer crowded cities such as Vegas or New York, and then there are those who like the lush and quiet of the countrysides. While other couples may want to flaunt their success, there are those who want to host their wedding at the most romantic wedding destinations. Here are some of the most popular wedding destinations in the world.

Destination Wedding Location 1 – Marrakech, Morocco

Widely known as the red city, Marrakech is a magical and alluring wedding destination for all types of events including weddings. If you are planning on having a wedding that is appealing to all senses, then you should definitely make a journey to the city of Marrakech. Moreover, olive groves and rose farms are all in abundance, combined with a dry and sunny climate throughout the year.

Exotic sights, spice packed flavours and vibrant colours are all found in this imperial city

For such a long time, Marrakech has been a popular wedding destination for some of the most influential names and celebrities. Some of the celebrities to grace this beautiful city include George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin, Jane Lerman and many others. As an exotic town that is filled with numerous stunning Islamic architectures, the desert city of Marrakech will definitely offer a stunning backdrop for your wedding ceremony. One of the most popular wedding locations in Marrakech is the Selman Marrakech.

George Clooney and his new wife honeymooned in Marrakech after getting wed

Found on the foot of Mt. Altas, Selman Marrakech portrays the values and traditional aesthetics of Morocco, combined with the luxury that you are likely to receive from any world-class resort. Royal Mansour is also another fairy tale setting that offers the authenticity of an ancient Moroccan palace, in the most exquisite and opulent of setting. Just like the Selman Marrakech, the

Royal Mansour offers total privacy, making it an ideal destination for couples who may be looking for something more discreet.

Destination Wedding Location 2 – Italy

It is no surprise that in a country that has a deep history, unrivalled beauty and mouth-watering cuisines, it can prove to be quite challenging for couples to select an ideal wedding location. From the vineyards in Tuscany to the romantic gondolas of Venice and the Renaissance charm of Florence to Milan’s trendy culture, there is definitely a special place for every couple in Italy. Where do you start?

Italy is one of the most popular wedding destinations and romantic getaway in the world

Located in central Italy, a destination wedding in Tuscany will set you in a slow-paced, dreamy and seductive location. The rolling fields of Sangiovese grapes and Chianti stretch boundlessly to the near horizon.

There can’t be many views to rival the ones Tuscany has to offer couples looking to wed

Apart from Tuscany, another popular destination in Italy is Venice. Being a testament to the Italian will and strength, Venice is the perfect location for couples to exchange their vows and also express their devotion. This historical and stunning city is literally under water.

Looking out over the water in Venice after getting married – stunning!

Destination Wedding Location 3 – Paris, France

Popularly known as the city of lights and love, Paris is undeniably one of the best wedding destinations in the world. Ever since time immemorial, Paris has been associated with love, in turn making it an ideal location for couples who are looking forward to creating a rather unforgettable memory. Filled with numerous architectural and artistic wonders, including the world-famous Eiffel Tower, Palais Garnier, as well as lush gardens, finding a perfect location to host wedding will definitely be a walk in the park.

If you want to get married in style, Paris has you covered at the Palais Garnier!

Whether you prefer a daylight wedding ceremony in the alluring gardens, or a night event when the city comes to life, Paris is a classic, timeless wedding backdrop. Moreover, those couples who may not be interested in having their wedding underneath the Eiffel tower, then they can always opt for a world of history and decadence at the world-renowned Musee Rodin.

Host your ceremony within the sprawling gardens of the museum, which is home to monumental art pieces by renowned artists such as Auguste Rodin, including his masterpiece, ‘the thinker’.

The Musee Rodin surely has to be one of the most grand wedding venues in France

During the ceremony, all guests will have exclusive access to the medieval mansion, which not only features additional art pieces but will also be the location where the guests will be treated to a decadent banquet, fit for royalties.

Destination Wedding Location 4 – Spain

If you are looking for a unique wedding destination that has so much to offer, then Spain is a destination that has everything for everyone. For lovers of architecture and art, Barcelona is a hub of surrealism and modernism as it plays host to numerous works of arts by famous artists such as Pablo Picasso, Antoni Gaudi and Salvador Dali.

One of the many stunning wedding venues in Barcelona – the Ritz Carlton

If a thriving city, provincial palaces, regal and manicured gardens, are something that inspires you, then the city of Madrid, is definitely worth the shot.

Apart from the two major cities of Barcelona and Spain, Southern Spain is also another ideal wedding destination as it hosts a number of Moorish inspired cities such as Sevilla, Malaga and Granada, all of which, are uniquely reminiscent of fairy tales. Upon visiting and selecting a Spanish City that meets your expectations, be sure to enrol in Salsa lessons, so as to hide a little bit of spice to your wedding. Though Spain has a lot to offer, the Moorish palace of Castillo De Santa Catalina should be the first place to check out upon arriving.

The Moorish palace of Castillo De Santa Catalina with breath-taking sea views

The Castillo De Santa Catalina is located in the historically rich city of Malaga, which sports towering ancient castles and breathtaking coastal views. With stunning terraces, lush gardens and views of the city’s majestic bay, the Castillo De Santa blends modern resort services with timeless luxury.

Destination Wedding Location 5 – Jamaica

Apart from being the third largest Island in the Caribbean, Jamaica is a quintessential tropical island that evokes James Bond’s glamour, the popular reggae melodies of Bob Marley, as well as the fragrance of jerk chicken. Ever since the 2005, Jamaica has been among the top-selling wedding destination in the world.

Jamaica’s turquoise water, sparkling beaches, and the islands party spirit will definitely be a great addition to your celebrations

Some of the most popular wedding locations in Jamaica include luxurious hotels and resorts such as Strawberry Hill, Round Hill hotel, Couples Tower Isle and many others.

How about getting hitched on your very own island? Check out Tower Isle!

Most of the large hotel and resorts in Jamaica have coordinators, who can assist couples in planning every detail. However, for those who will decide to select Jamaica as their ideal wedding destination, should definitely avoid the months of June all the way to November, because many of the beaches are normally filled with students.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed reading this because I definitely enjoyed writing it! If nothing else, I now want to go on holiday…

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