Renowned Surveyor, James McPhail Settles in a New Office in Kensington

James McPhail sets up new office on Kensington High Street

I am delighted to announce, that we will be settling in a new office in Kensington London. The Kensington Office will focus primarily on providing customers residing in Kensington and its environs with comprehensive, Party Walls Awards and Building Surveys.

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The move Kensington will see, James McPhail Consultancy become one of the few experienced chartered surveyors to open up an office in the heart of Kensington. For many years, we have been working with different clients across the UK. Located in the heart of Kensington, the new office is accessible and convenient for car parks and all transport links.

James McPhail Opens New Office on Kensington High Street, London

The opening of the new office is a very exciting moment for chartered surveyor, James McPhail. All the survey work assigned will be undertaken by James McPhail Consultancy, Party Wall Surveyor and Chartered Building Engineer. James has a Bachelor’s degree in Quantity Survey, from the Glasgow Caledonian University and a postgraduate diploma in Tertiary Education. While undertaking his postgraduate degree, James took numerous research and theory-based subjects. Moreover, James McPhail is a certified civil engineering lecturer, who worked for more than 6 years at the renowned Glasgow Kelvin College.

Prior to becoming a chartered surveyor, James McPhail served as a civil servant, where he was involved in the processing of taxation-data. As an accomplished surveyor, some of the areas that James McPhail is experienced in include;

Building Surveys: James McPhail specialises in highly detailed surveys of period properties. As a Quantity Surveyor graduate, James McPhail provides detailed Building Surveys, where he outlines the condition of every part and section of the building. Moreover, he also provides a detailed description of how old buildings work, and how to correctly look after them. Owning a period property is quite different from owning a modern property. Apart from having different areas of concerns, they also work quite differently.

Reports presented by James McPhail will assist you, purchase the property with so much confidence since you will clearly understand what you will be taking on and also what needs to be done and within what time period. James McPhail will not try to put you off, considering most of the issues raised are usually quite resolvable.

Party Wall Awards: James McPhail is also a highly experienced party wall surveyor. He acts on behalf of building owners, who may want to build close to their neighbours, repair or extend party structures and, when a dispute arises or when notices are issued. Moreover, James McPhail is highly experienced when it comes to the provision of impartial advice on building surveys and party wall matters.

HomeBuyer Reports: As a chartered surveyor, James McPhail also specialises in Homebuyer reports. Homebuyer reports are considered to be level 2 surveys that are ideal for most homes in the United Kingdom. The Homebuyer report will provide detailed information in comparison to Condition Reports. Moreover, Homebuyer reports focuses primarily on urgent and significant matters, which may either require immediate attention or alternatively might prove a little bit costly for repair.

Though when compared to Building surveys, HomeBuyer Reports are a little bit less detailed, they still provide comprehensive information about areas of concerns and defects on most homes.

Schedules of Condition: Another area of expertise that James McPhail expertly delivers is Schedules of Conditions. James McPhail designs the Schedule of Conditions for clients who plan on taking a lease on any commercial property. Schedules of Conditions are much similar to Building Surveys considering they involve the same level of inspection. However, they are written to outline the property’s condition as per the date of the inspection, that is before you move into the building. The schedules of Condition will ensure that the landlord does not charge you for repairs that you are not liable too, when vacating the premises.

Schedule of Dilapidation: McPhail has experience in designing a schedule of dilapidation for landlords all around the United Kingdom. The schedule of dilapidation is used by landlords to establish whether tenants have breached the repair obligations, explicitly detailed in the lease. The schedule of dilapidation will establish the costs and extent of the disrepair by the tenant during their stay.

James McPhail will carry out a detailed analysis of the lease, by specifically focusing on the repair obligations. Moreover, he will then undertake a detailed inspection of the building to determine which areas of the property have fallen into undesirable disrepair.

If you have any further queries or questions, with regards to the new office, feel free to reach out.

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