Why would you need a Chartered Surveyor?

Why have I written this?

I am often asked what exactly it is that a chartered surveyor does, so I guess that others are also asked this. To help make it easy, I have written a roundup of exactly what we do.

If you find you are actually in need of a surveyor, here at James McPhail, we can also help advise. Please feel free to get in touch.

What is a Chartered Surveyor?

A Chartered Surveyor is a professional who assesses the value of a commercial property before a buyer can buy it.

They can carry out assessments on the condition; plan the construction of a new development and advice on how the owners of a planned premise can obtain planning permission. The professional is also helpful in the planning of renovation on the property.

There are different types of Chartered Surveyors and they belong to a professional body. You can hire a survey if you intend to carry out renovations on a property or you would like to buy an already existing one. They will carry out assessments and come up with recommendations in regard to the condition as well as the value of the property.

Types of Chartered Surveyors

If you can search for a chartered Surveyor in London, then you need to specify the type of surveyor you would like to hire. Take us for example – at James McPhail Consultancy, we cover a wide range of skills.

The following are the types of surveyors you can access in the market:

Building surveyors

This professional is responsible in advising developers on the construction consideration of new buildings. He is also responsible in the repairs and restoration of old structures.

Construction surveyors

The professional is responsible in overseeing and offering advice on large scale projects. The structures where the surveyor is required include office blocks and large housing estates.

Environmental surveyors

The surveyor monitors the effects of buildings on the immediate environment. He can offer advice on someone who is about to build on a contaminated land among other environmental issues.

Rural surveyors

The chartered surveyor is responsible in valuing rural properties. He can value assets such as farm machinery and farms after which he will offer advice when landowners are dealing with the local authorities.

Benefits of hiring surveyors

There are several benefits you enjoy upon hiring the surveyors to work with you in your development projects. Some of the benefits you will enjoy upon hiring the professionals include the following:

  • You carry out development with confidence
    You need licenses from local authorities before you can start the development. The surveyors will advise you on the necessary licenses you need to get before you start your investment. If you intend to buy an old home, the surveyors will ensure you have all the necessary information to make an informed investment decision.
  • Professional advice
    The experts have a lot of experience when it comes to investing in real estate. You stand a better chance of accessing professional advice so that you can proceed and invest with peace of mind.
  • Security while investing
    When working with a surveyor, you have peace of mind because you will know the expert will carry out due diligence before you start your investment.  You will invest while adhering to all local regulations in regard to land use. The experts are well connected hence they will be in a better position to advice you accordingly so that you can avoid investing in wrong projects which can expose you to losses.

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