Why you might need a surveyor

It may surprise you how many of those involved in construction projects are in need of a surveyor yet have no idea why they do. This is one of those jobs with no clear definition yet is crucial to any construction project. To put it lightly, a Chartered surveyor is a jack of all trades since they wear so many hats it will confuse you. James McPhail explains more about what a surveyor does.

So why would you need a surveyor?

They mainly communicate with the various professionals involved in the project, including architects, engineers, and the builders. They manage the build process to ensure everything goes as it should and that the building is safe, livable, and energy efficient among other aspects. They regularly give advice to the professionals to ensure the project complies with the building regulations.

When you might need a surveyor

The professionals in this field inspects property or land and may be called upon to weigh in on the design, construction and project management in general. A common example is when you want to renovate or extend your home or when seeking to purchase a property.

For those dealing with large or older property or an unusually altered property, a building surveyor is needed. They will give a comprehensive report covering the structure, defects and the available repair and maintenance options you can pursue.

Other than the old property, you may need a chartered surveyor for a new build. Building surveyors are known to oversee projects from the design stage to completion. They can do this since they have a rounded experience, wide knowledge and can comfortably provide a central reference to all the professionals working on a project.

A surveyor knows about building regulations, defects and the details about construction contracts. They are the right point person to detect and advise about the hazards posed by dilapidated buildings. They understand the health and safety regulations and can manage teams playing various roles in a project.

How can you benefit from using a surveyor?

Working with a building surveyor will add value to any project due to their unique blend of knowledge and expertise in property assessment and safety issues. This can take away most of the stress of keeping track of the progress of a project and can handle many of the challenges that may consume your time when handled alone.

Advice from a chartered surveyor can bring some assurance and peace of mind as the project moves on till completion. They are well placed to answer most of the questions at any stage of the construction whether it is a renovation or new build.

A few of the tasks that surveyors undertake

  • Building surveyors: this type of surveyor works with a buyer by conducting a full building survey. They also establish the structural condition before a major work commences on the building.
  • Boundary disputes: when there arise any boundary disputes, surveyors are called in to identify the boundary lines and advise the parties on how best to proceed.
  • Planning searches: before you purchase a second-hand property, a surveyor will provide planning searches and carry out a detailed inspection in the local authority to help ascertain the planning history of the property.
  • Planning applications: you will appreciate the services a surveyor can give in preparation of a construction work. They will prepare and submit planning applications to get you the approval to proceed.
  • Health and safety: a chartered surveyor is in a position to advise on health and safety regulations all through the life of the project.
  • Paperwork: any construction project has so many paperwork one may get confused. However, with a surveyor, all the applications will be submitted in time. They can arrange for a certificate of compliance when the project is done.
  • Measured surveys: a surveyor may be needed to carry out a measured survey to give you the layout plans and any elevations so that you can have a clear and accurate floor area data.
  • Maintenance: a surveyor is involved in maintenance work like building alterations, refurbishment, roof replacement, recladding, and window replacement among other major maintenance works. They also do preventive maintenance to prevent failure.
  • Defect analysis: old building need a surveyor to help conduct a defect analysis and recommend a strategy to remedy the situation.

When preparing to buy a property, you will need more than a valuation report. You should have a surveyor asses the property to ensure you are paying what the property is worth.

A copy of the mortgage valuation is not likely to highlight any problem with the building hence the need for a surveyors homebuyer’s report. A surveyor is essential to any project no matter how small.

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